Wheel by @stitchedwheels

Steering Wheel by @stitchedwheels


The steering wheel, likely original, was really gnarly and flaky. So I got it redone in fresh leather with silver stitching to match the pinstripes.

The wheel was easy to remove, just pop the horn button off with a black stick and A 22mm socket to take off the nut. Its also a good idea to mark the center so its easy to line up when you put it back on.

One morning when I was freshly-frustrated by the flaky black stuff all over my hands after driving I ran across @stitchedwheels on Instagram and reached out for a quote. The price and turnaround were reasonable enough I hopped straight on it and ran some final errands before I took the wheel was out to send off. Jordan was great to work with, and the wheel came back looking and feeling great.




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