I saw some instagrammers using steam to blow off road grime and caught the "Dupray" logo on one of them. Started looking and was pleasantly surprised to find the same company that makes $650-$5000 steam cleaners also makes a $150 model: Dupray Neat. It is very neat indeed.

As the sign outside the local car wash says: SALT EATS CARS. I try not to go out when the roads are nasty, but when I do I try to at least blast off most of the grime on the wheels, under the wheel wells, and along the side and bottom of the doors after I get back.

The steam also works great to cut through grime under the hood, but you do have to actually clean it up. The first time I went through and blasted a bunch of it and it looked nice and shiny but after it dried all the crud was still there. So the next time I grabbed a couple rags and wiped the schmutz off and it worked great. It also cut right through the caked on dirt inside the door sills and along the trunk.

Shopping list:


Blasting off one of the wheels after driving in post-snow slush

"Does it actually do anything?" so I did half the wheel and came back to see. It does.

Post-steam: This is what I want to keep from getting worse.

It also works great under the hood: hit it with some steam, wipe with a rag, and boom. Its almost like new.

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