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The first place I took the car to get it checked out and some basic work done, great shop run by some great guys. The first service took a little while to get started but only because the owner (whose TT is pictured above) wouldn't let anyone else look at it.

They took care of an oil change and state inspection to keep my registration legal, and gave me a thorough list of the state of things and work needed; from brake pads and rotors to the timing belt to "loose rear suspension" (gulp).

Update, April 2021: Took it back in for the brakes and timing belt, turned out to need a few more things. Check out the absolutely trashed giubo (that I guess is also called a "flex disc" if you're boring) they replaced, and this BTS shot of the timing belt replacement in the gallery.


1331 Utica Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11203



timing belt swap
april, 2021

toasted giubo
april 2021

checkup and inspection

ideal office form

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